Drive Pack (5-pack)
Drive Pack (5-pack)
Drive Pack (5-pack)
Drive Pack (5-pack)
Drive Pack (5-pack)

Parts Pack

Drive Pack (5-pack)

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Are you building SeaPerches with a group or do you have other materials in mind for your SeaPerch frame design? The Drive Pack contains the parts to assemble 5 controllers and 15 thrusters (enough for 5 SeaPerch ROVs).

Great for:

Multi-year programs or large groups that don't require the full ROV kit or groups that intend to either reuse existing frames or construct new frames from existing materials.


  • 5 Controller Packs, including:
    • 5 Controller cases with covers and screws
    • 5 SeaPerch Printed Circuit Boards
    • 5 Fuse Holders
    • 5 Fuses 6.3A
    • 5 RJ45 Modular Jacks
    • 10 Toggle Switches
    • 10 Pushbutton Switches
    • 10 Pushbutton Switch Caps
  • 5 Thruster Packs, including:
    • 15 Cable/Zip Ties
    • 15 12V Motors
    • 15 Die Cut Sticker Sets
    • 15 35mm Film Canisters
    • 2 Wax Bowl Rings
    • 5 Propeller Packs, including:
      • 15 Propellers
      • 15 Propeller Shaft Threaded Couplers
      • 15 Tee Nut Inserts
      • 15 Nylon Insert Hex Locknuts
      • 5 Alcohol Wipe

Does Not Include:

The Drive Pack does not include the power cable, alligator clips, or insulators for the controllers and does not include the tether cable or poly butyl tape for the thrusters.